"THE ELEPHANT KASHIMASHI" 1st album introduction in English

Hello, EVERYBODY in the world !! 

This blog introduces "The Elephant Kashimashi (commonly called Elekashi)", a Japanese rock band that debuted in 1988.  

The members of "ELEKASHI fan TEAM UNIVERSE", who were born and raised in Japan, manage this blog. As of 2017, we like to listen to Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles that have produced big hits all around the world for about 50 years. Their songs are still fabulous rock music.

In 2017, “The Elephant Kashimashi” has held "30th anniversary tour" all over Japan, and the tickets were sold out in most concert halls. They are becoming more and more popular and still performing marvelous rock in their 50s.  

As we listen to Led Zeppelin and The Beatles until now, nearly 50 years after their debut, likewise we believe Japanese rock and “The Elephant Kashimashi” will be loved by a lot of people from all over the world someday. Nobody knows how many years later they will be, but we'd like to introduce their music in English for those who reach this blog. 

We know wonderful music lasts forever.

Well, enjoy listening to The Elephant Kashimashi music, outstanding Japanese ROCK !!

‪From ELEKASHI fan TEAM UNIVERSE 🐘including Johnny‬



私たちは2017年現在、50年前に世界で大ヒットしたLedZeppelinやRolling Stones、The Beatlesを好んで聴いています。今も色褪せることのない素晴らしいロックミュージックです。


私たちが50年経った今でもLedZeppelinやThe Beatlesを聴くように、世界中に日本のロックが、エレファントカシマシが愛される日が来ると信じてこれを書いています。




【Japanese version is here(日本語版はこちら)】


"THE ELEPHANT KASHIMASHI" 1st album introduction


Filled w/ ELEKASHI's soul. Most exciting song at the concert. Pretend to be justice. From 1st album “THE ELEPHANT KASHIMASHI” Release on March 21, 1988. Passion and fierceness of youth. It took 1.5 year to complete this song.



ELEKASHI's Debut single. To sing “All you need is money” is ironic, cool, and THE ROCK. From 1st Album “THE ELEPHANT KASHIMASHI”
Release on March 21, 1988. The drummer Tomi’s cowbell is a sign of the beginning.


③Hoshi no Suna

"Hoshi no Suna" phrase is sung repeatedly without specific meaning. In the high point of this song, fans usually wave hands like a twinkling star at the concert. "Hoshi no Suna" means "Sands of star". When Miyaji was young, he started to read newspapers and showed "resistance" against society and politics.


Miyaji superimposes himself on the characteristics of "Floating weed (Ukigusa)" and expresses himself in this song. We can catch a glimpse of his sensitivity and talent from his choices of simple words.

⑤Narawanu Kyowo Yomu Otoko

What a great lyrics! Miyaji expresses his existence by looking down at himself. He is reading the unlearned sutras(!? lol), saying "I'm a mean man", "What's the difference between you and you?", and "I am a happy man." He has expressive power which mixes negative and positive well.



The title comes from the prelude part which sounds like Tette, Tette, Tette. From the lyrics, Miyaji seems to tell himself so. I often listen to it when I push myself too much or work hard. The melody is catchy. What a great melody Miyaji makes!



The tempo is slow, but why does it sound like so hot?I guess it would come from unsuppressed rage of Miyaji, a rock singer.  Nobody is a match for him because he sang "It is indeed a picture of Hell here" seriously around the age 20.



Ironic lyrics matches Rock & Roll sound exquisitely. Ishimori's guitar solo stands out. This song was used at POPCON (Popular Song Contest). 


⑨Yumeno nakade

"In the dream" Lyrics: Miyaji
Music: Ishimori (precious music composed by Ishi-kun) 2nd single c/w. Interlude of Tomi's cymbal and Ishi-kun's monotone guitar only is quite simple and epoch-making still now. This song was introduced as "Ishi-kun's..." at Shibuko's performance (Shibuya Public hall) in 1988.


"Yasashisa" means "kindness". Song of an illusionary world. Miyaji wrote "Drive fast", though he didn't have a driver licence. Better listen at the live NOW ! Cuz with straight and deep singing, the current live performance is cooler than the sound source 30 years ago. 


⑪Hana Otoko

The lyric "A tear drops (Namida horori)" was first used in this song.  Just like "Fighting man", it is the root of anger soul. It is often sung as an encore because of the lyric "The living corpse, good bye!" 30 years later, even now, when Miyaji sings it, his eyes are glistening as if he is possessed by himself in 1988 concert after the debut.


What's abnormal? What's correct? The answer led to "now" as time went by. Outline of Elekashi's rock applies to all people regardless of age or gender. Finally Japanese might be awakened so that we can have sympathy with the soul of anger during early Elekashi period.




  • エレファントカシマシ
  • ロック
  • ¥2139



Miyaji 's familiar phrase "Deeeeeeeeei!"
Does EVERYBODY know he has sung it since 1st single? When I first listened to it, I was impressed that Miyaji hadn’t changed at all (lol). “Dede" c/w.  The first CD sound source in ‘97 "Elephant Kashimashi Best".





【Japanese version is here】


この前、本屋に行ってrockin'onを見ていました。リアムのインタビューが日本語で載ってて、読んでいたのですが、ふと "何で海外アーティストのインタビューが日本語で載ってるのに、日本のミュージシャンのインタビューは海外向けがないのか?"とすごく疑問に想いました。それはもう、なんか不思議と沸き上がる憤りに近いくらいの気持ちで…(笑)






Last, but not the least, the other day, I went to the bookstore and read the magazine "rockin'on". While reading the interview about Liam which was written in Japanese, I really wonder why the interview with overseas artists is published in Japanese but overseas interview with Japanese musicians is not often published in English. Somehow, I felt bad about this (lol).  

Generally speaking, promoting Japanese music was given up from the beginning? (but I am not talking about "rockin' on".)  I strongly believe that Japanese music is definitely good enough, and there are many people who make wonderful sound, though. 

I wonder if we can share Japanese music on the Internet even if the magazines find it hard to publish English content about some Japanese bands. I guess they are popular and in demand in Asia.

Even if the interview is impossible, we can still introduce albums, singles, and popular bands, can't we? That's what I'm thinking these days. There are idols who change the environment and try the borderless activities such as world tour, concerts and etc.

We should introduce Japanese music to the world more frequently...(Johnny)



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